CRYPTOlunch – The Internet of Things

CRYPTOlunch – The Internet of Things

I was recently invited by SECURITYMADEIN.LU to present at the first CRYPTOlunch in Luxembourg

The official website explains the event:

Cryptolunch is organized by SECURITYMADEIN.LU, in partnership with the European Commission Representation in Luxembourg. Cryptolunch events aim at create a place where European citizens and information security experts can meet each month and discuss about topics related to privacy and online security. This initiative reflects the ongoing efforts undertaken by the European Commission in order to protect the privacy of european citizens.

Privacy is the border where you draw a line and define how far society can intrude into your personal life. More connected than ever, with a growing amount of personal data provided to organizations both online and offline, privacy is an individual right and it needs to be protected.

  • Meet the experts
  • No previous knowledge nor experience required
  • Free event with food (it’s a lunch)
  • Come with your questions

The topic of the lunch was the Internet of Shit Things:

Connected digital scales, connected trackers, connected toys, TVs, books… We are or will all daily use these new devices but: What type of security is set around such devices? How personal is data  gathered? By whom is it used? What are your rights? Come and meet us, we will have answers! Event in English and French – Speakers: Chris Pinchen And Matthieu Farcot