“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris on several crypto events. Chris has a very good grasp of security from the perspective of human beings, not just technical systems. He can handle complex groups of mixed skills and abilities very well, and has the additional advantage of being multilingual and multicultural, so he can cut through some of the deeper cultural assumptions of participants.”
Javier Ruiz Diaz, Policy Director, Open Rights Group

“Chris ran several practical privacy events while he was a resident at Lighthouse Studio. It was always good to see such a diverse group of people coming to and engaging with these events. Chris’s approach is very accessible, without over-simplifying, losing credibility with experts or patronising the rest of us.”
Andrew Sleigh, Studio Producer, Lighthouse

“I know from first hand experience how easy it is to lose the ability to communicate intelligibly to people less than 100% knowledgeable of the field, even when not afflicted by stereotypical techno-autism. To have someone like Chris on the team able to communicate the very technical in an understandable way is invaluable.”
Ruben Bloemgarten, Owner, Abubble ICT

“Chris is one of the most inspirational professionals I’ve had the opportunity to work with. With an amazing generousity, he shares his broad knowledge…this mixture of skills and knowledge, coupled with impeccable integrity, make Chris a valuable partner, colleague or leader for any project, regardless of its complexity or size.”
Alberto Alvarez, Partner & Senior Consultant at METAMANAGEMENT