CRYPTO-APÉRO: The Godfather Edition. Take the money and run!

CRYPTO-APÉRO: The Godfather Edition. Take the money and run!

Rotondes Wed 7.2.18 / 18:30

We know you’re sick of hearing again and again that you shouldn’t share your personal data. And we know you are probably fed up with being warned about the danger of clicking on an attachment; being told you need a stronger password; or even attending boring conferences while dreaming to be somewhere else…

We fully understand you. And we have something for you. What about an event where you could free your imagination from moralistic grounds and let it fly through the looking glass…?

An event where we could talk about:

– efficient stalking methods,

– incredible social engineering techniques,

– tips and trick about online criminal activities,

– miraculous phishing,

– optimal exploitation of data leaks…

– and other stuff you weren’t even aware of.

Get ready for a different approach, where the content would come from supposedly criminals, creepy perverts and other friends with “good” intentions.

We will not tell you what not to do. We will just tell you what “wrong consequences” in information security can mean.