Speaking at 11th International Conference “Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online”, Warsaw

Speaking at 11th International Conference “Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online”, Warsaw

On September 19th & 20th I’ll be doing two sessions at the “Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online” conference in Warsaw.

I’ll be reprising the #TOYSRUS talk from the Insafe Trainer Meeting in Zagreb on Tuesday 19th,  unfortunately without Barbara Buchegger of saferinternet.at this time.

Throughout the ages kids have imagined their toys coming to life & being able to have conversations. We have finally reached that stage, but the kids never imagined their most intimate conversations being stored somewhere and freely accessible. What will happen with the information collected by the “toys”? And will our childhood dreams become our privacy nightmares. In this session we will explore the world of the so-called Internet of Toys and discover if our games will end in tears.

Wednesday 20th will be the first time I do a new talk: “Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?”

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
In kids stories many references are made to the Big Bad Wolf, warning children of terrible consequences that can happen to them if they do certain things.
Are we just updating the tale for the Internet era? And is the monster we are worrying about the real Bad Wolf?

The conference is organized by the Polish and German Safer Internet Centres, which have been working together within the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility Program. The co-organizer of the event is International Telecommunication Union, the main partner of the conferencet is the Orange Foundation and the partner – National Broadcasting Council. The event is held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, the Ombudsman for Children, the Office of Electronic Communications and the Ministry of National Education.

Like every year, the conference will be devoted to a broad spectrum of issues related to the safety of children and young people on the internet. It is addressed to the representatives of the education sector, NGOs, the judiciary and law enforcement agencies and internet content service providers. The conference aims at raising awareness about the new challenges and opportunities in fighting online threats as well as at popularizing best practices across different sectors.